About Hack Night SLC

What is Hack Night SLC?

Hack Night SLC is a gathering of students, business people, software developers, designers, server admins, and others in tech related fields.

Our primary goal for Hack Night SLC is really straightforward:

You have projects you dream about. We give you time each month to build them.

We have a couple other goals as well:

  1. Support and encourage startups. Nothing would make us happier than to have a handful of startups develop as a result of Hack Night and the connections made there.
  2. Build a broader and closer knit community. When you think of places like San Francisco, Austin, New York, and Portland, you think of a close knit tech community. We want to build that here in Salt Lake City.

Help us get the word out by plastering these posters all over the place. Wait, not everywhere. We wouldn't want you to break any laws... so plaster them anywhere that you have permission to.

Who's running this thing?

Well there are a few of us right now. We're keeping it small for now, trying to get the details of this process ironed out. Thanks to an amazing community, we've been able to keep everything going smoothly so far. Anyway… if you really want to know who we are, you can read on.

Daniel Sellers

Daniel Sellers

Howdy y'all! I write websites for a living, the code not the text, and have been fascinated by JS since I first copied and pasted code from yahoo back when I was 15. I've done design, DB architecture, worked as a server admin, programmed back end web code in a variety of languages, and now mostly write awesome frontend code.

I write about mostly technical things on my personal website: Design Frontier, ride bikes for the SaltCycle-Intelitechs team, write about cycling at Ride Domestique, tweet occasionally, and make stuff. Oh yeah, and organize Hack Night… basically I try to keep busy.

Joe Grigg

I work for the internet. Website division.

Let me get real for a second here.
I know I'm not the best developer in the world, but, guys, you're the best visitors in the world!

I also love old school NES. Specifically Dragon Warrior.
A: left, W: up, S: down, D: right

@mrGrigg +Joe Grigg griggbot.com

Michael Graybeal

Michael Graybeal

My specialty is that I have no specialty. But I am rather bad at some things. Ask Daniel, he'll tell you. I like that HackNight doesn't favor one technology, platform, or discipline over another.

I got into programming as a favor to my wife who didn't want to take her programming class alone. She hated it anyway, and I made a career out of it. I love solving interesting problems. Software helps me feed that addiction.

+Michael Graybeal

Ty Hatch

Ty Hatch

Solving problems is fun. I like to design things and then challenge my developer friends to make it work. HTML and CSS are fun for me and sometimes I'll even hack together some JS or PHP, and then ask for help.

Giving back to a community that's helped me learn and grow by helping make HackNight happen is a small way to say thank you.

@tyhatch +Ty Hatch tyhatch.com